Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Earth Day Clean Up

Great Pacific Garbage Patch.  Image from: http://greatpacificgarbagepatch.info/
On April 20th, the skaters of Toxic 253 Roller Derby Project got together to clean up our hood.  In less than two hours we collected 8 large bags of trash. What we ended up gathering the most was plastics bits and cigarette butts (bits and butts or B&B for short).  This lead us to talk with our JR Toxic 253 Skaters about the Pacific Garbage Patch and what this means for wild life, water life, and our world.  It was a sad but important conversation to have. I think we were all surprised at the amount of plastic we encountered, and it made a few of us consider how we can start to live our lives with less plastic and more glass.

We wanted to share our day with our friends, family and fans - Flip through the album by clicking on the image below! 

Trash, Trash, and we aren't talking about our skaters!

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